Author: Rahula raj

Stock Prediction

Predicting the stock market using neural networks in python

Stock Market and Modern Portfolio analysis Stock market prediction has always been the philosopher’s stone for many who seek to convert the lead into gold. It’s has been elusive for most of us however as we enter into the age of information the tables seem to have turned. Getting Started When I say get rich […]


The roof of the world

O! Mighty mountain you have held the sky for centuries;Sturdy, full of pride you were the crown of the earth;The humans looked at you as the abode of  GOD. Drilled, Humans have drilled you hollow;Now seeing you like just another resource;Your calmness has melted, the snow that adorned you,is now just the part of the […]


A Voice

As I walk past my lifeI hear a faint drum beatAs I focus on the beat I hear a faint voiceIt  is the voice of distant past A voice which reminds me of the sacrificesOf the people left behind Of the promises, I couldn’t keepOf the paths, I could have chosenOf the  another me I sigh and […]

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