Revise: Transforming from an Idea to a working Prototype

Revise: Transforming from an Idea to a working Prototype

React Native powered me to create Revise.But what is Revise and why should anyone install it. Revise is information sharing app which stores information into its smallest unit possible sentences. The idea was simple to create notes and share notes. Was it never done before? Students copy notes all the time but whether they can do it via an app is where the novelty comes in.
How do you convert an idea to a product?
Use the waterfall method of MIS systems used for building ERP systems. Build a prototype take feedback to improvise the prototype. Simple Right. Let’s look at the two-component


Whenever I start building something I search for an existing model. For note sharing the base would be a pre-existing flashcards app. Since react native is open source using git clone you can get the existing app. Now after testing the cloned version I generally keep the parts I like and remove the unnecessary ones. I kept the animation and started working on the new components.

Now since I am not a good coder thing tends to get out of hand pretty quick.
As soon as I cross 200 lines of codes on each component I know I have messed up big time. I try to use a singleton for coding which states that any component would have only one stated input and one stated output. And it helps to know which part is breaking later on by keeping my code within 100 lines.
Keeping these things in mind how do you get started. Start by looking at existing apps which are popular and are in the same segment as yours. Now compare them and find the plus and minus of each. Keep in mind the minus.

If you have come across Positioning by Al Ries it states that finding holes in the positioning of your competitor can help you figure out your fit in the ecosystem. In Edutech there was enough video-based content but no text-based apps in India. So I took there minus and made it my plus.
I drew initial layouts and identified the components which I needed. The next few days I focused on the presentational aspect of the app. I used JSX to create buttons and sliders.
After the design was ready I plugged in the code for the computational part. Now while doing so kept most of the part stateless and used reducers. Thus my first prototype was created.


initially, I asked my roommate for feedback and other friends. Now the best feedback is the bluntest ones. So its better to ask someone who is either neutral or not in good terms with you.

After taking the feedback I built upon my components while planning for my next components.
Often you would need deadlines and some pressure to make it work. If you don’t have those you will never finish. Ideas just flow and keep on transforming. It’s very difficult to stick to the core. So I try to build MVP minimum viable product and stick to it. Now along the way the code broke and I had to revamp since I upgraded the node packages which is troublesome.

When I had the first prototype it was not a finished product the color code for the app was not decided.The app had only Two screens nonetheless it was doing the job it was supposed to do. So what’s next, what else compete to earn money to promote it.