What is Time?

Unanswerable questions

What is Time?

It’s not time yet!

Our whole world works on the foundation of time. It’s 9:00 am time for the office, at 12 pm lunch and so on. The time we observe is a limited view of it as a whole. We have so much disparity that we have established imaginary lines, timezones.

This view comes from the fact that as a species we have not left Earth and our life still depends upon its rotation around the sun. Today I want to put forward an idea which in all sense of it is a fool’s errand. Today I want to try to define a universal time.

Since I have been studying data science for some time let me put it in the form of a hypothesis:

Ho: Time is the frequency of vibration of the most basic particle and the start of time is the first vibration of the first basic particle of the universe /multiverse.


1)Let the basic particle be known as basix

2)Here frequency is taken from an arbitrary unit of measure and for simplicity its the human time measuring system, the rate per second of a vibration

If we travel close to a black hole the gravitational pull effects these basix and cause time to slow down.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether its nonsense or mostly nonsense.

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